Sunday, August 7, 2011

it's August already?

July had been a blessed month.
meet up after another meet up with friends and family. thus explains having me disappeared in blogosphere for the entire month. my sincere apologies :)
i practically met all my high school friends in that one month! in different occasions. i'm amazed! this kind of opportunity only happens once in a blue moon, due to my flying career. well, i had my blue moon the whole of July. beams.

God has been rather kind to me, and will always do. He filled up and colors my life with the love of joyful and amazing people around me. I thank you God everyday for that.

August will be another hectic month. it's time to earn extra income before school reopens. i'll try to update as much as possible. fingers crossed. be patient with me here okay?
and oh, last thing before i hit the bed. my results are coming out on the 23rd Aug. so please please pray for me! *shivers*
until then, have an awe-some week ahead!


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