Wednesday, May 25, 2011

weekend in the city.

short trip to KL over the weekend was fun. haven't do this crazy drinking and traveling for sometime now. slept 3 hours after my AbuDhabi-Singapore overnight flight and flew to KL. touched down around 10pm on Saturday, did my make up in the car, went straight to Zouk. partied with Sam and friends, till my brother came along, and the rest of the night went wild with a lot of drinking. madness. we started off with jugs of long island, to bottles of champagne, to Malibu shots and J├Ągerbomb (and whiskey - i think) didn't notice much cause i was a tad too busy escaping from my brother. i concluded, a night in the club with my brother = bad hangover the next morning. being the sister, it seemed like i'm obligated to drink TWO of each shot. but since we're celebrating his birthday, ah.. why not :) and oh, supper was so comforting after hours of booze with empty stomach!

Happy 21st Birthday brotherly love!

finally crawled to bed at 6.30am, barely slept till 11+am. had Pao Xiang Bak Kut Teh at Pavilion for lunch and met up with AiKhim (after months!) for small shopping and dessert.

my sayangku looking hawt!
i am missing you already

had high-end steamboat for dinner with siblings along Jalan Imbi and that one meal killed my spending power for the rest of the month! FML we called it a night after dinner. flew back to Singapore on Monday afternoon after having my Nasi Kandar craving satisfied. haha! flew off to Bombay the night itself.

ITC The Maratha Mumbai Hotel
i miss my long hair

as for now, imma back from Bombay. worked my a** off, didn't do much there, watched AXN the whole day, had more of Indian food, bought mangoes and failed to go swim :))

so glad that i'm off for tomorrow. a day for myself. going for a run in the morning with my classmate. i should be sleeping soon. goodnight love.


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