Friday, June 3, 2011

Prince Hunting.

heyo. i'm back from London. and again, i'm in love with London. beams. the weather was beautiful. did a little bit of cheap shopping, catching up with cousin and friends, discovering new parts of the town and a lot of eating. i may gain a couple of pounds from the 3 days stay in London. oh dear..

snippets of London using my Canon Ixus 110 IS.

The Big Ben

Westminster Abbey Church

the famous balcony of Buckingham Palace

the changing of guards.

crowd of tourists

The Wedding oyster card.

and this is me, in my new white H&M blazer, floral flirty pants and bag from Primark

i'm officially on leave now for the next 6 days. flying home to Penang tomorrow until Thursday. haven't been back for months now. looking forward to touch down in Penang. big smiles.

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^o^ caNice ^o^ said...

u jadi baby sitter ar?